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Our Validator is one of the largest pools on the Fantom network with more than 20 million FTM currently staking. Join us to help secure the Fantom Network and earn rewards.

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Fantom Network

The most advanced, fast, and secure consensus for distributed networks. Whether you’re issuing a stablecoin, creating a new smart economy, or powering a smart city, Fantom’s modular approach lets you focus on building the perfect decentralized application, or mainnet — as we call it.

Built with the future in mind

Fantom offers the most powerful foundations for decentralized ledgers.

  • - Scalable
  • - Secure
  • - Fast
  • - Connected
  • - Permissionless
  • - Open-source

Xar Network

The framework for Cosmos and Fantom-based decentralized finance.

Xar Network was created from a need of corporate and central banks to use blockchain technology in a private, permissioned space. As our feature set grew we noticed consistent cross-over with the decentralized finance ecosystem, so eventually the Xar toolkit grew to a full-fledged decentralized finance toolbox. Xar Network offers access to advantages of both purely traditional banking systems and blockchain systems - using blockchain based or decentralized finance (DeFi).

Our Xar Validator   Delegate Guide

Staking FTM on Fantom Opera Mainnet

Opera is one of the mainnets of Fantom. There are several ways to stake on Opera and earn rewards.

Staking FTM from node Staking FTM from MEW Fantomviet Validator 13

Frequently Asked Question

Below are some common questions you may have along with their answers

A delegator is anybody with at least 1FTM, who can delegate their stake to a validator node and earn rewards.

A validator is anyone with at least 3,175,000 FTM who can setup a machine as a validator node. Delegators will delegate their stake to the validator node, and the validator earns 15% commision on the total rewards of their delegators.

Currently, rewards are around 130% and will gradually decrease to around 26%. The more FTM that is staked, the lower the rewards earned per FTM.

There is a 7 day unbonding period between initiating the request and being able to withdraw rewards. There is also currently a 6 month lockup period for rewards, or until 80% of the circulating supply is staked - whichever is met first.

There are several ways to delegate - you can try by following the tutorials below. However, from 7 January 2020, delegators will be able to delegate in just a few clicks directly from Fantom’s desktop, web, and mobile wallets. Delegate by running a node
Stake FTM by using MEW

There are many exchanges you can choose from, such as: Binance, Binance DEX, Bibox, Kucoin, OkEx, Gate.io

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